De Maria is a forward-thinking restaurant and culture with a strong creative drive to redefine food and dining. Given the extent of artistic talent behind De Maria, many layers of art influenced our restaurant's design. De Maria’s name derives from midcentury artist Walter De Maria. In Latin, our restaurant name translates to, ‘by Mary, from Mary.’ The idea of this iconic woman evolved into other famous Marias like Mary Magdalene and the artist Walter De Maria.


The entire restaurant was designed by powerhouse team The MP Shift. The MP Shift brought a focus to interiors, creating a space that feels like it’s been passed down from artist to artist, each leaving their mark behind. Every attention to detail inspired by Mid-Century and art deco with its colorful, sun-faded interiors and charming patina of a space. De Maria has a welcoming European-feeling akin to the charming, palazzo-facing cafes of Italy, spacious and light. De Maria has a striking contrast to the rest of the space when one enters the neon blue Virgin Mary artwork bathroom that was specially designed by Co-Founder Grace Lee and Art Director Nikki Brand. The wholeness of our design expands on the idea of space, light, and comfort. With warm hospitality De Maria welcomes all friends and guests to bring in their own energy to add to the unique experience.